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Optimized translation solutions
for every type of content

The type of content and its purpose dictate which method of translation is best. Inter Group offers the optimal translation solution for each customer by tapping into its pool of over 3,000 translators with subject expertise and by utilizing the latest AI innovations.

Quality-assured for your peace of mind

Inter Group Corp. is a holder of ISO 17100, an international certification for translation services. ISO 17100 is an international standard specifying translation process requirements for delivering good translation services. Meeting ISO 17100 proves that the translation service provider (TSP) follows high-quality translation processes.
To request ISO 17100-compliant services, please let us know when you place your order.
Certification covering Japanese to English and English to Japanese services in the following feilds: Finance, insurance, economy, judicial affairs; Medicine, life sciences, healthcare and pharma; Industry, automotive engineering, aircraft and aviation, global environment; and Others (Education, culture, arts and entertainment)

Our services are for you if…

  • You need high-quality translation 
  • You want multiple language translations from one provider
  • You need fast translation at short notice
  • You need a large volume of materials translated

Lineup of our translation services

High-quality human translation

Translation coordinators, translators, native editors, translation checkers, DTP operators, proofreaders, and other professionals are assigned to each step of your translation project, refining it from multiple angles to ensure the best possible outcome.
Quality is constantly updated by employing our original tools to compile glossaries and by employing cutting-edge innovations, such as translation support tools for keeping terminology consistent.

Post-editing for shorter
delivery times

Machine translation output is edited by professional translators to deliver translations faster than ever before.
Data processing know-how and informed choice from multiple machine translation engines obtain the translation output best for each job.
High quality standards are ensured by assigning translators who have completed Inter School’s post-editing training and by conducting post-editing in accordance with our original post-editing guidelines.

Affordable machine translation

We offer a broad range of solutions, including machine translation platform installation and machine translation of large volumes of documents.

Wide choice of optional services

We offer editing and checking services, including those performed by native speakers of the target language, and source-target comparisons. Also available are services for developing translation memories, glossaries, and other types of databases.

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Our services


Interpreting services

High-quality interpreting services tailored to almost any situation and business need, delivered by interpreters and coordinators with a wealth of industry experience.


Translation services

High-quality translation services in a wide range of fields and languages, informed by a wealth of experience in publicity material production for international audiences.


Event services

One-stop seamless international conference and event services, from operation to communication, capitalizing on our event service know-how and global network.


Temporary and permanent staffing services

A dedicated coordinator we assign to your project ensures your hiring needs are matched with the best-fitting language specialists for temporary or permanent positions. Careful post-hiring support is provided to the employee as well.

Natural language
processing and speech processing services

Services for R&D in computer understanding of human language and speech. Also covered are needs pertaining to human interface data collection as well as test preparation and operation.


Language training

Established in 1966, Inter School offers professional interpreting and translation training, as well as language training programs informed by Inter Group’s original know-how and teaching methods.