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Fully customized curriculums.
Professional instructors and professional learning
methods for securing your goals.

Inter Group established Japan’s first interpreter training school in 1966. Making full use of teaching and learning methods developed and refined over half a century, Inter Group offers curriculums fully customized to the learner’s level of proficiency and respective industry requirements. Inter Group’s language training programs promise excellent value for money because it is taught by professional language instructors employing methods for training interpreters.

Our services are for you if…

  • You want to master multilingual communication appropriate for business situations
  •  You want to avoid linguistic and cultural miscommunication with people from other cultures
  •  Your workday is disproportionately consumed by multilingual tasks

Features of our language training services

Directly applicable to real-life business situations with
immediate effect!
Fully customized curriculums

Any curriculum we propose will be fully customized to fit the learner’s current level of proficiency and goals. Courses are offered in a wide range of subjects, including business English (emails, meetings, presentations, etc.); certification preparation; and interpreting/translation skills. Industry-specific learning materials are used to ensure skills are applicable to real-life business situations. Learning that is immediately applicable to day-to-day workplace situations helps sustain learner motivation.

Interpreter training methods
capable of uncovering learner weaknesses

Inter Group’s language training is based on professional interpreter training methods. Instructors with expertise in learning methods identify each student’s unique weakness through interpreter training, paving the way for genuine, as opposed to superficial, English proficiency.

Professional language
instructors not found at
general English conversation

Many of our instructors are native English speakers with TESOL and other English teaching certifications. Additionally, native Japanese-speaking instructors are on hand to teach vocabulary and phrase input and other aspects essential for using English. These instructors are invariably professional interpreters and translators who have completed professional language specialist training at Inter School. Teaching informed by in-depth knowledge of native Japanese-speaking language learners ensures steady improvement of proficiency. Inter Group’s native Japanese-speaking instructors are uniquely positioned to provide learning with real-life effect because they are professionals who have been through the demands of interpreter training.

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Our services


Interpreting services

High-quality interpreting services tailored to almost any situation and business need, delivered by interpreters and coordinators with a wealth of industry experience.


Translation services

High-quality translation services in a wide range of fields and languages, informed by a wealth of experience in publicity material production for international audiences.


Event services

One-stop seamless international conference and event services, from operation to communication, capitalizing on our event service know-how and global network.


Temporary and permanent staffing services

A dedicated coordinator we assign to your project ensures your hiring needs are matched with the best-fitting language specialists for temporary or permanent positions. Careful post-hiring support is provided to the employee as well.

Natural language
processing and speech processing services

Services for R&D in computer understanding of human language and speech. Also covered are needs pertaining to human interface data collection as well as test preparation and operation.


Language training

Established in 1966, Inter School offers professional interpreting and translation training, as well as language training programs informed by Inter Group’s original know-how and teaching methods.