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Interpreting and translation
challenges you might face

  • Your business wants to outsource its multilingual tasks
  • You want to prepare for an important multilingual meeting
  • You want to communicate smoothly during online meetings with international counterparts

Inter Group is here to solve your challenges.

A quality-first industry player since its inception in 1966, Inter Group serves your multilingual needs with tailored solutions and solves the many different types of language communication challenges you face by offering the service of interpretation and translation specialists equipped with relevant industry and subject expertise.
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Optimized solutions for
multilingual needs in all fields

An experienced coordinator assigned to your project from start to finish will propose solutions best serving your needs, solving interpreting and translation challenges in all fields.
Our language specialists will perform on your behalf interpreting for all types of conferences and events, as well as translation for user manuals, brochures, informational materials, contracts, and other content.
We also offer AI translation solutions for improving the efficiency of your in-house translation tasks, thereby strengthening the multilingual capacity of your organization.
Key point 02

Interpreting for your important meeting is taken care of by
professionals with excellent
international communication

We assign the language specialist best matching your industry, language, and situation, tapping into our reservoir of international communication specialists trained at our professional interpreter and translator school.
Your experienced, dedicated coordinator will assign the best-fitting interpreter and ensure the assignment is carried out smoothly, making sure multilingual communication is smooth throughout your important conference.
Inter Group offers one-stop interpreting and translation services for a myriad of situations, including international conferences, events, trade shows, business negotiation events, IR events, and press conferences.
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Our remote simultaneous
interpretation delivers
communication that is as
smooth as its face-to-face

Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) provides live interpreted speech remotely, achieving stress-free smooth multilingual communication.
We offer high-quality RSI solutions for a myriad of situations, including web conferences, teleconferences, and webinars.
RSI saves your meeting or conference time, trouble, and cost because it removes the need for an interpreter to travel and be accommodated in a space-consuming booth or similar that needs setup, teardown, and supervision of these tasks.

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