Translation services

Can I request a translation sample to see the quality?

Yes, you can.

Please request a sample when placing your first order.

Source text lengths are typically around 800 letters for Japanese to English translation samples and

280 words for English to Japanese translation samples.

Do you provide English to Chinese translations?

Yes, we do. 

We also serve projects that do not involve Japanese.

Do you provide translation checking by a native speaker of the target language?

Yes, we do. 

Please contact us for pricing and delivery time information.

Interpreting services

Does it cost extra to request a specific interpreter?

No, it doesn’t.

To make sure the person is available, however, please inquire as early as possible.

How many days in advance must I commit to my order?

We do not set a commitment deadline, but confirming your order earlier will give interpreters more time to prepare, contributing positively to their output.

Are your services compatible with all video conferencing platforms?

We work with most platforms in general use. 

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Event services

Can you give me a general idea of how much I should budget? 

And the time it would take for you to prepare?

We would be happy to provide an estimate of cost and preparation time based on further details, such as your project’s size, number of attendees, location, and presence of dignitaries.

Are your event services exclusively for large and/or international conferences?

I am planning a smaller seminar attended by twenty to thirty people.

We serve events of all types and sizes. 

Our proposals will be tailored exactly to your requirements.

Which member of your staff will serve my project, and how?

A dedicated project team will be assigned to your project. 

Team sizes vary by the work involved, but a project team is always led by a highly experienced Chief Director (general supervisor) working alongside Assistant Directors responsible for carrying out various tasks.

Language training services

Do you provide non-English language training?

We offer language training services in Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and other languages.

Are your language training services available both online and in-person?

Yes, we offer both. 

Our online courses are conducted via Zoom and are available via other platforms as well.

Do you provide courses for all levels of proficiency?

beginner to advanced.

Example 1: Elementary business English courses for TOEIC scores 200-295
Example 2: Professional interpreting courses for TOEIC scores above 900
Example 3: Business writing courses for TOEIC scores 600-695
Also available are TOEIC preparation, presentation, negotiation, and other courses tailored exactly to your requirements.

Temporary and permanent staffing services

What is your lead time from ordering to hiring?

The time it takes for us to recruit and select candidates varies significantly by the jobs they are expected to perform, hiring conditions, location of employment and expected period of employment. 

Our minimum lead time is about two weeks. Please contact us to discuss how best we might help you.

Do you provide short-term staffing lasting one day, or between one and two weeks?

In Japan, fixed-term employment lasting 30 days or less is prohibited under the revised Worker Dispatching Act. 

However, exceptions to this ban include interpreter, translator, secretary, receptionist, and other jobs,

so please let us know the required tasks of the positions you are looking to fill.

Can you find candidates for a temporary position that involves both interpreting and translation tasks?

Yes, we can find temporary workers capable of handling both on their own, for instance by switching to translation when interpreting is not required. 

Candidate selection will depend on the content and volume of respective tasks, and we would be happy

to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

Natural language processing
and speech processing services

Do you provide multilingual data collection in addition to Japanese?

We offer data collection in more than 30 languages, capitalizing on our expertise as an interpreting and translation service provider. 

We can match your project with not just interpreters, translators, language learners, and other types of people with language proficiency, but also native speakers, bilingual speakers, and trilingual speakers.

Do you provide video and image data collection and annotation services?

Yes, we do. 

Our one-stop service supports everything from multimodal—including text, speech, image, video, and biological, among others—data collection to annotation.

Do you provide speech data collection from locations outside Japan?

Yes, we do.

Our coordinators conduct international searches for recording studios, obtain speech data samples from them, put them through quality checks, and finalize the selection after visiting the studios in person. 

The actual speech recordings are conducted under the direction of our coordinators and in-house specialists, delivering the recorded data to customers only after thorough quality checks.


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