Natural language processing and
speech processing services

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Inter Group provides data collection and
creation services for R&D in computer understanding
of human language and speech.

Inter Group’s AI training data collection and creation services are informed by its experience providing translation, interpreting, and other language services since the company’s inception and by 40+ years of industry experience serving R&D in machine translation. We deliver text, audio, image/video, and other data, earning excellent industry ratings for quality.

Our services are for you if…

  • You need to create high-quality AI training data
  •  Your data collection and study subject (participant) recruitment need to satisfy special conditions
  •  You need services for multiple languages and specialized content
  •  You want to discuss tailoring your specifications

Features of our natural language processing and
speech processing services

Data collection

- We offer data collection and creation services for text, speech, image/video, biological and other data.
- Studio, real-world, online, and other environments can be specified for data collection, employing the technique of your specification.
- Both our Tokyo and Osaka locations are equipped with recording studios and streaming studios.
- We offer study subject recruitment in accordance with your participant criteria, such as age, place of origin, and occupation.
- We can match your project with native speakers of more than 30 languages, data checkers, and study participants, both locally in Japan and overseas.
- Small start projects are also welcome.

Data annotation services

- We provide data annotation for text-to-speech, image, video and others.
- Our services include matching your project with specialists best for the required data type and task; setting up the necessary work environment; and conducting tool selections.
- Each project will be quality-controlled by a dedicated project manager we assign, responsible for project personnel training and schedule management, among other tasks.
- We offer a seamless one-stop service covering everything from data collection to annotation.

Evaluation and testing

- We conduct evaluations on your behalf, assigning evaluators meeting your criteria.
- The evaluations we cover include qualities of machine translation output; speech data for speech synthesis; dialog systems; emotional evaluations; and simultaneous interpreting output.
- Evaluations and tests can be conducted at our centrally located Tokyo and Osaka offices.{j}Online evaluations and testing are also available.
- Consultation is available also for tests still in their planning stages.{j}Our wide-ranging customizable services include everything from recruiting test participants and obtaining consent forms to setting up the right testing environment.

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Our services


Interpreting services

High-quality interpreting services tailored to almost any situation and business need, delivered by interpreters and coordinators with a wealth of industry experience.


Translation services

High-quality translation services in a wide range of fields and languages, informed by a wealth of experience in publicity material production for international audiences.


Event services

One-stop seamless international conference and event services, from operation to communication, capitalizing on our event service know-how and global network.


Temporary and permanent staffing services

A dedicated coordinator we assign to your project ensures your hiring needs are matched with the best-fitting language specialists for temporary or permanent positions. Careful post-hiring support is provided to the employee as well.

Natural language
processing and speech processing services

Services for R&D in computer understanding of human language and speech. Also covered are needs pertaining to human interface data collection as well as test preparation and operation.


Language training

Established in 1966, Inter School offers professional interpreting and translation training, as well as language training programs informed by Inter Group’s original know-how and teaching methods.