Temporary and permanent staffing services

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We serve your hiring needs by proposing the best
match from our pool of highly language-proficient and people-skilled candidates.

We offer plans and placements exactly matching your business needs through meticulous consultations for identifying the required tasks, skillsets, and character as well as the work environment and future possibilities for the employees. At any given time, over 10,000 language specialists with both advanced language and interpersonal skills are registered with us here at Inter Group, enabling us to suggest the best-fitting candidate. Through regular post-hiring support, we optimize employee retention and client productivity.

Our services solve many types of challenges.

  • Your day-to-day business requires multilingual communication
  • Nobody on your staff has the multilingual skills for negotiating with international business partners
  •  A significant amount of work needs to be translated daily

Features of our temporary and
permanent staffing services

Highly customized service
enabled by thoroughgoing

In order to solve the various challenges to do with allocating the right person for your needs, we suggest the best-fitting candidate only after reaching a solid understanding of your conditions and required skills, as well as the candidate’s compatibility with the position. We also offer suggestions for the type of employment and work schedule best for your needs.

Over 10,000
language specialists

All staff members registered with Inter Group are language specialists. We constantly monitor staff quality through original skills testing and interviews. We offer upskilling courses regularly to update and improve the interpreting and translation skills of registered staff.

Post-hiring support for better
employee retention

After hiring, we regularly follow up with and interview both the client and employee. Identifying and solving any work-related issues and problems early contribute to the satisfaction of both parties, leading to better retention of employees. We also offer suggestions for optimizing the use of employee talent.

Temporary and permanent staffing services
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Our services


Interpreting services

High-quality interpreting services tailored to almost any situation and business need, delivered by interpreters and coordinators with a wealth of industry experience.


Translation services

High-quality translation services in a wide range of fields and languages, informed by a wealth of experience in publicity material production for international audiences.


Event services

One-stop seamless international conference and event services, from operation to communication, capitalizing on our event service know-how and global network.


Temporary and permanent staffing services

A dedicated coordinator we assign to your project ensures your hiring needs are matched with the best-fitting language specialists for temporary or permanent positions. Careful post-hiring support is provided to the employee as well.

Natural language
processing and speech processing services

Services for R&D in computer understanding of human language and speech. Also covered are needs pertaining to human interface data collection as well as test preparation and operation.


Language training

Established in 1966, Inter School offers professional interpreting and translation training, as well as language training programs informed by Inter Group’s original know-how and teaching methods.