Virtual event services

We offer optimally tailored solutions for events,
capitalizing on the unique strengths of the internet

As society grows more and more IT-dependent, and more tasks are performed “remotely,” there is growing demand for virtual events that are not limited by location, time or venue capacity.
By setting up an environment tailored to your requirements and widely accessible to both domestic and international attendees, our solutions make your virtual conference or event as good as or better than its in-person equivalent.

What sets our services apart

Multilingual needs are fully covered.
We take excellent care of your pre-event arrangements and briefings with English-speaking presenters, drawing on the pool of talent built by our interpreter training institute Inter School.
Additionally, we can provide your virtual event with remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) solutions most compatible with your video conferencing platform, network, and other requirements.
Fully-equipped streaming studios at our Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka locations
Inter Group has its own streaming studios at its Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka locations.
Streaming your event from our studio is more cost-efficient than renting a venue. In addition to high-speed internet, the studios offer technical support for streaming and videorecording, as well as support for the people delivering the presentations.
Torasuta, our one-stop studio
Torasuta is a streaming studio operated by Inter Group. Centrally located in Toranomon, Minato Ward, our Tokyo studio comes with pro-spec photography equipment for virtual backgrounds.
With full access to Inter Group’s resources, Torasuta offers one-stop service for your virtual event, from planning and operation to English-language solutions, such as interpreting and translation.

Features of our virtual event services

Live streaming
—The same immediacy as
 in-person events

From webinars to meetings, we propose the type of virtual event best for your purpose.
Presentation rehearsals and connectivity tests are carried out beforehand to ensure smooth streaming.
Our wide range of optional services include taking care of registrations, viewing histories, Q&As, participation certificates, e-learning, and more.

VOD streaming
—Audiences can watch events
 at their own convenience.

Making your content available over a period of time allows audiences to watch it in their own time, wherever they are.
This is effective also for widening your reach.
Handouts, data, and other presentation materials can be prepared and collected beforehand and pre-recorded to minimize the chance of anything going wrong during streaming.

Hybrid streaming
—Virtual attendees can enjoy
 in real time the same
 immediacy as in-person

People can attend your event from anywhere, whether it is on-site, at home, or in the office.
We also make the environment of your physical venue as safe and comfortable as possible for your in-person attendees through rigorous measures for minimizing the risk of pathogen transmission.

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Our services


Interpreting services

High-quality interpreting services tailored to almost any situation and business need, delivered by interpreters and coordinators with a wealth of industry experience.


Translation services

High-quality translation services in a wide range of fields and languages, informed by a wealth of experience in publicity material production for international audiences.


Event services

One-stop seamless international conference and event services, from operation to communication, capitalizing on our event service know-how and global network.


Temporary and permanent staffing services

A dedicated coordinator we assign to your project ensures your hiring needs are matched with the best-fitting language specialists for temporary or permanent positions. Careful post-hiring support is provided to the employee as well.

Natural language
processing and speech processing services

Services for R&D in computer understanding of human language and speech. Also covered are needs pertaining to human interface data collection as well as test preparation and operation.


Language training

Established in 1966, Inter School offers professional interpreting and translation training, as well as language training programs informed by Inter Group’s original know-how and teaching methods.